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This page is designed to help Windermere Brokers with their accounts.

TextDetails allows you to text “templates” of information to someone’s cell phone instantly.

Create templates of ideas and links you want to use repeatedly and set up TextDetails to fire them off in just a few seconds.

Why TextDetails:

  • Texting cuts through the email clutter and provides a way to reach someone on their cell phone instantly.
  • There is no spam filter for texting.
  • Send people up to 4 preset template texts straight from your phone to their phone instantly.
  • Email of what you texted is sent to you after every text.
  • Store notes about events.
  • Text links and info on the fly.
  • Send feedback surveys.


View Quickstart Slides
How to use Reports, How to Text, Add Icon to Homescreen Slides

Quick Start:

      1. You are already signed in to use this service.  LOGIN is at the bottom of every screen.
      2. Templates have already been set up for you under the ACCOUNT section of the menues.
      3. When you are ready to use a template click TEXT at the top of the page enter a cell phone number and a template, add an optional note we will send back to you to remind of of this event and submit.  The receiving party will now get your text and links of that template on their smartphone.
      4. You can add our App “launch” button to your homescreen of your phone or computer:  See Save Link to Home Page.


      1. Update and customize your templates by clicking on ACCOUNT in the menu at the top.
      2. Add/update your personal an dbusiness information.
      3. See REPORTS at the bottom of the first page.
      4. Update and create preset templates by clicking the NEXT button at the bottom of the ACCOUNT section from the menu at the top.  Each template consists of a text message, a link, another text message and a second link under the Preset Text Templates section. For more on what templates you might include see * Template Ideas.
      5. Make it easy to launch your app from your smartphone by an icon on your home screen:  Add app to your home screen.

Additional templates:

      1. Follow Up. Add a follow up questionaire that you can use after you meet with someone or to reach out to someone who you have not spoken with in a while.  There are two parts.
        1. The first part is, “Are you still interested?” Yes or No.
        2. The next part branches.  The NO’s get to ask 3 reasons why.
        3. The YES get to ask about urgency.
      2. Social Media Survey. Add your social media links for Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and TripAdvisor on the Social Survey tab when you sign up. Update and change the default text of the form. Now you can send this out to people as a follow up template.  If they provide a positive review it will then ask them to post something on your social media page in their name as well as on their own site. We also publish the positive results to a report page you can share (can show on any platform from your smartphone to any computer connected to a large monitor or projector). You will also receive a text message and an email every time someone fills out the form.
      3. Business information with and without your address. If you included the address in the form it will includ a Google Map link in the text sent out under “Send Business Info” template. Otherwise the system will simply send your personal info: name, cell, business name, email and business phone.
      4. Appointment.  The system provides a simple system of sending a confirmation of an appointment to someone which they can accept or reject.  The calendar is in the REPORTS section under ACCOUNT.
      5. A final template allows you to send our TextDetails link, with a referrer ID from your account to anyone you may wish to try our service.
      6. Marketplace. (under construction at this time.)

Refer others become a reseller:

      • For anyone who uses your link to signup for a paid account, you will receive 20% of every dollar they spend with us and anyone they refer. (only 2 levels in your downstream network.)


      • TextDetails is FREE to any broker working in the Windermere Prestige Properties offices.

Templates might include:

      • Personal or business information such as: Your name, your cell, company name business phone number, email, business name and website.
      • Directions to your office, retail store or event.
      • Brochures.
      • Website Links.
      • Offers.
      • Coupons.
      • Hospitality Invites.
      • Demonstration Vidoes.
      • Link to preformatted documents like NDAs or contracts.
      • Link to presentation deck (Slideshare or PowerPoint slides).
      • Feedback surveys after an event.
      • List of References.
      • Link to your Linkedin profile.
      • Resell TextDetails to others and receive payment when they Sign Up or anyone they get to sign up (two levels downstream only).
      • Email sent to you after every text.
      • Store notes about events.
      • Group broadcast
      • Mass distribute you marketing deck.
      • Group text message.
      • Group voice message.
      • Text links and info on the fly.
      • Auto-responder to inbound text to return a link for presentation deck or other information for “back of the room” offers.
      • Gather Business Information.
      • Receive copy by email.
      • Text orders.



If you are a subscriber and are not logged in please do so here:


If you are not registered please do so here:
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If you have any questions, want to discuss premium services or about becoming a reseller this service please email


Add launch button to home page of your computer
iPhone or Android smartphone:

Be logged into the site (see link at bottom)
Be at this link (front page):

Follow the directions for your device or computer:

How to create a shortcut for a link from your browser and put it on your desktop of your computer: Windows_Short_Cut_On_Desktop

Android Smartphone:

Click link on your smartphone to open in browser

In upper right hand corner touch the “bar of dots”

Choose the one for HOMESCREEN or some variation of that.

Android Save link to Home page


Click on center icon with arrow

iPhone add web page to home screen

Apple Desktop Computer:

Drag the URL from Safari’s address bar to your desktop. This will create a .webloc file that points to the URL. Double-clicking the .webloc will launch the browser to navigate to the stored URL More Info: How to create desktop icon that is a live URL