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To sent a text with a media file:

We are often wanting to send media files to people, recordings, videos and such. Most email allows you to attach a file. The problem with that is it usually will get caught in a spam filter. That is, when a system like Yahoo or AOL catches your email coming in it won’t like that you are attaching a file to it, especially if you are not a known emailer to that individual. If you send 10 or 20 emails out and an email system sees these it will automatically mark your email as spam.

Spam is a problem for all emails. Emails have other problems. The biggest one is that most people are overwhelmed by too many emails. Studies show that email, even to someone you know, only gets opened 20% of the time… and the click through rate is usually less than 5%. This is not an acceptable number. Another issue is that it can take someone more than 3 days to actually get to reading your email. Not very timely or effective.

Texting is the answer. Sending a text gets opened 90+% of the time, usually within 5 minutes.

Any questions?

One area we like to help our clients is how to send media files using text. While there is a MM (Multi-Media) format it can often fall victim to the same rules of spam filtering that email with a media file attachement and be marked as spam… this time by the Verizon’s and At&t’s of the world.

We suggest embedding your media file into a web page. There are many types of web sites so we cannot give you all the parameters to help you embed them but for a YouTube video it would be in general
(most web site systems like WordPress have a variety of ways to embed a file on a web page but YouTube is the easiest)

We use wordpress so embedding a file is easy. the program comes with many options
Here is their help file

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