Setting up your business and template information.

Log in. Choose Account from the menus. Click on a folder enter or update information. Choose Personal, Business, Preset Templates or Survey. Business Information Add business information to send as a preset template. Enter information you want to share about your business or background. Note: leave Address-1 field blank and the system will not send directions. Preset Templates. Create titled templates you can access from a single button and text to someone quickly. Create Preset Templates. Create a title so you can choose them quickly from a list. There are 4 templates. Templates have two parts: A text message. And a link to some website page or a file stored on Dropbox or Google Drive. Each Template consists of: message 1, link 1 message 2, link 2 Except Template 1 which allows you to have just one set of message/link. Custom Survey. Create Custom Questions, Invites and Links. Survey Header Text. Shows at top of survey form. Can include HTML code or links to your web site. Survey Invite text. Each section of the survey allows you to customize it. Use our survey form link to text a simple one question survey to your audience. NOTE: You can use your own survey service and their link. Survey feature drives positive customer coments to your Social Media pages. Postive responses get a request to post on your social media pages. Negative responses are text to you. Report option to view survey results. You can optionally use this section to set your own report page on some other service. On ACCOUNT menu section you can view REPORTS. learnmore Try It Or Learn More BT_2 Click Button to: Learn About Bulk Text Learn About Auto Responder