How To Sign Up.

Try It Our app is free for 30 days. There is no installation and runs on all devices. Getting started: Choose FREE option under Try It. Fill in your personal information. Click SUBMIT to start account setup process. Look for 2 emails First you get a copy of your Login and Password. Email # 2 Look for activation email. Log in is always at the bottom of every page. LearnMore Try It for FREE Or Learn More






This app requires no installation and runs on all devices. You are welcome to try our service for free for 30-days.

Watch for the SAVE to HOME SCREEN popover to point you to how to save a quick launch icon button on your homepage of your smartphone.

How to get started:

  • Click on TryIt folder in the menus
  • Choose the FREE option
  • Enter your contact information
  • Click the Submit button at the bottom
  • Look for email confirmation
  • Log into the site by clicking on ACCOUNT at the top of the page in the menus
  • Finish filling out the Business Information, Preset Templates and Survey information
    • Business Information note: You can leave the Address-1 blank and the system will not send directions to anyone but instead just send your phone and website to them… add a street address and the system will also send a google map link to your recipient – this can be adjusted on the fly when you choose to text someone your “business information”.
    • Preset Templates.  These are titled so you can choose them quickly from a list.  You get 4 templates.  Each template is made up of two parts. A message (no more than 50 characters long) and a link to some website of storage area on the web.  Template 1 allows for just one set of message & link if you want only one.  Template 2 -4 requires you to include message 1, link 1; message 2, link 2 for each template.
    • Survey – The survey allows you to create a one question survey that is answered GREAT or NOT SO MUCH.  We use a green thumbs up and a red thumb down to indicate the response.  You can set up preset question, invite text and link to your own survey or use ours. These can be changed on the fly.  If an question is answered positively the system automatically sends the recipient a followup text thanking them for their GREAT response and a request with a link to your social media (Google+, Facebook, YELP, Twitter and TripAdvisor) asking them if they would post something on your social media pages.  If the response to your survey question was NOT SO MUCH, then the system thanks them and texts you their response along with their cell phone number for you to take  immediate action.
    • Reports. We store a link to all the people you have texted and what you sent them.  The templates also have a place for you to enter a NOTE which we send to you by email as well after a recipient responds.
    • Notes. Use the note area to remind you who that phone number belongs to, the context of why you sent the text and what kind of follow up you might do.  All texts sent are also emailed to you to review as well as is available in the report section at the bottom of the Account area.
    • TEXT. In the menus at the top is a choice called TEXT.  This is where you can call up a template from the dropdown, modify it on the fly if you wish, enter a quick note and TEXT it to someone quickly.
  • Add this app to your home screen.
    • On Android is a series of dots in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  When you touch that a menu pops up and one of the choices it to “add to home screen”
    • On iPhone is a menu choice at the bottom with an up-arrow coming out of a box.  Once open choose the Add to Home Screen option in the menus.