Torrey Russell

Our team has been working together now for over 15 years.

Our latest venture is TextDetails.

A simple and effective way to use Texting to communicate templates of ideas and links while you are talking to people on your phone.

Why do you need TextDetails?

  • If you travel a lot.
  • Attend Tradeshows and Conventions.
  • Or simply if you walk around your office with one hand on your phone then you need our app.

Here are some comments from one of our customers of 7 years….

“We feel that the services TextDetails with their new Texting template service has to offer our sales team will catapult us to the next level in the auto industry. We are able to send out marketing materials and get instant feedback from our customers all from the smart phones that our staff carry around with them all day. The system has a built in review function that pushes the positive responses straight to our social media avenues. The possibilities seem endless as to how we can utilize the websites services. Torrey and his team has been great with accommodating us with the ideas we have had.”

Lee Bort, GM Auto Sales and Finance, Amarillo, TX

Learn more about the astounding statics behind how Text marketing enjoys a 95% open rate over email which has fallen to single digits  in my new post: Email vs Text Marketing

We have some very exciting ideas for the future of this app and plan to be rolling them out over the proceeding months.

Thanks for stopping by.  Drop me an email or text sometime and tell me about your thoughts of how you see executive communication working in the 21st century.

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